How To Go Vegan


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Going vegan is a piece of cake!
Whether you’re already a full-time vegan, considering making the switch or know someone who is, this book will give you all the tools you need to make the change towards a healthier, happier and more ethical lifestyle.  Published by the experts behind the leading Vegan charity Veganuary it’s full of handy hints, tips and recipes.
How to Go Vegan includes…

Why try vegan?

Animal welfare, the environment, health benefits and your personal adventure.

Vegan at home:

Surprisingly vegan foods, reading labels, vegan ingredient essentials, easy replacements, how to be the only vegan in the family

Vegan out in the world:

Eating out, eating at friends’ houses, answering questions from loved ones, travelling vegan

Living the vegan lifestyle:

Meal plans, tips and tricks, what to do if you’re struggling, how to celebrate being a vegan
How to go vegan. It’s easier than you think.

How To Go Vegan