Meet Our December 2022 Advertisers!

Annnnnnnd, it’s December!!! On behalf of our small team here at Vegan Christmas Gifts, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for your support during 2022! December marks our final month of advertising but we’ll be back in October next year to start all over again!

So for the final time in 2022, let me introduce you to December’s advertisers!

Our first advertiser for December is the lovely Sunshine ☀ Sarah. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah since we first launched our advertising packages, with Sarah being the very first blogger to sign up to work with us! We can’t thank her enough for her support and we hope to work with her again next year!

Sarah states on her website that she creates content “that’s designed to make you feel better about life” and we couldn’t agree more that it does just that. We encourage you to follow Sarah on Twitter and check out her fantastic blog (links below) where you can expect to find posts about lifestyle, veganism, mental health, eco-friendly swaps and Netflix recommendations!

Sunshine Sarah
Remember to give Sarah a follow on Twitter!

“I’ve been living in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for 6 years now and grown to love its many charms. I enjoy walking in the Yorkshire Dales and documenting my travels.” Read more about Sarah here.

Recommended Posts from Sunshine Sarah’s Blog

Here are some links from Sunshine Sarah’s blog that we think you’ll enjoy reading…

Our second advertiser is a charity close to our hearts, Cycle of Good. Cycle of Good aims to end poverty in one of the poorest communities in the world. They do this by employing a talented team of tailors in Malawi, Africa who turn recycled materials saved from landfill and oceans into beautiful, unique gifts to sell right here in the UK!

Cycle of Good
You can give Cycle of Good a follow on Facebook and Twitter!

Featured Products from Cycle of Good

Our second Cycle of Good is helping to end poverty in one of the poorest communities in the world. Currently employing 33 Malawian tailors full time, but with ambitions to grow this to a team of 100, they earn a good wage and can support their families, without any charity donations or handouts. Read more about Cycle of Good’s story here.

Below are a couple of products we love that are vegan-friendly and ethically made by fairly paid tailors in Malawi! If you’d like to view more of Cycle of Good’s amazing products check out their dedicated page for vegan-friendly products here.

We’d like to end this post by thanking you once again for your support during the 2022 festive period! We’ve enjoyed telling you all about our fabulous advertisers! We hope that you have a great Christmas and if you still need any Christmas gift ideas don’t forget to check out our blog post containing the 25 best vegan gifts for Christmas here.

Vegan Christmas Gifts

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